Laser Nail Fungus Treatment in Tampa, FL


Onychomycosis is thick, yellow toenail fungus and affects 12% of Americans.  While there is no 100% cure, laser treatments have proven extremely effective compared to oral medications.  While changes are gradual and worsen over time, the most advanced lasers can help you achieve maximum success.

What Are The Symptoms?

  • Brown, yellow, or white discoloration of toenail

  • Thickening nail or texture change

  • Flaky debris under the nail

  • Shape change in the nail, like in the curvature

  • Detachment of the nail from the nail bed


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What to Expect

Laser energy penetrates your toenail to where fungus grows and is present.  It exerts antifungal activity and kills mold and fungal organisms, which are destroyed by the heat.  Wavelength and pulses minimize heat on your skin and reduce pain or bleeding and can also clear up infection. 


A diagnosis may be made by simply examining the toenail, or by taking a small sample for viewing with a microscope after an initial consult.

 In 30 minutes or less, the laser can be used over affected toenails and the results are optimal in as little as one treatment.  As the nail grows out over the next year, results are more apparent to determine success.  Consultations are free so don’t hesitate to schedule one today.

Laser Nail Fungus Treatment Video

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Laser nail fungus treatment FAQs

What causes fungus to grow under the nails?

Common causes for fungus developing beneath the nail bed include trauma, athlete’s foot, poor hygiene, and other conditions.  Medical history will help determine the cause of the issue.

What will happen if nail fungus is not properly treated?

Without proper treatment by a medical professional, the fungus can spread and cause additional issues and even cause the nail to detach from the nail bed.  It is best to seek treatment as soon as possible.

Will my insurance cover laser nail fungus treatment?

The procedure will not be covered by insurance if it is considered cosmetic.  We will investigate to see if insurance will cover the cost.  If not, we offer payment options to keep your procedure as affordable as we can.

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