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Do we gain weight as we age?

Many people have been on a diet at some point in their life and are often left feeling frustrated and hopeless.  Our weight loss programs here are completely different from many others and our trained team will customized a plan to fit your lifestyle that works best for you based on your DNA.  The body you desire is attainable!


The key to customizing your personalized weight loss plan with maximum results is using your own genetics!  We all know that we gain weight much more easily as we age.  This is because our metabolism has slowed since we were teens.  By balancing your hormones, we can help your body work more efficiently again.  We will monitor and make sure your hormones are balanced before and throughout your weight loss journey.  We do a comprehensive blood panel to check your levels including your thyroid, sugar levels, vitamins, live enzymes, blood counts, and reproductive hormones.  This advanced technology assures we customize a plan perfect for you!

Why is DNA genetic testing important?

The blueprint for our body is our DNA.  This is all of the coded information that determines every aspect of who we are and how we perform, and how we react to a variety of foods.  This is why it is so important to personalize your weight loss plan.  Many weight loss plains fail to take our varying needs into consideration which is why not all diets work for everyone.  That is why genetic testing is so amazing!  The ADA (American Dietary Association) recognizes just four primary diet types-Low Carb, Low Fat, Mediterranean, and Paleo.  You have no way of knowing which your body will respond best to.  Testing your DNA unlocks the key to which diet is best for your body specifically, making our weight loss program your best choice!

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What is included with the diet program?


Your customized diet program consists of 12 full weeks of specific instructions with our continuous medical supervision.  We begin with bloodwork, a full exam with our physician, and a detailed medical history.  We will then have a comprehensive follow-up to review the results with you and discuss a personalized plan based on your blood panel and DNA results.  We will share foods most beneficial for your weight loss journey that will stimulate your metabolic rate.  You will receive 6 weeks of Natural Supplements, 6 weeks of HCG injections, all in office weekly injections, and any prescriptions you may need.

What Are The Benefits Of Medical Weight Loss?

Benefits of your weight loss program include:


  • Improving your overall health-mental and emotional

  • Customized treatment with medical weight loss support

  • One on one supervision and continuous support

  • Specific fat targeting not previously reached

  • Lowering your mass body index (BMI)

  • Medically supported weight loss

  • Improved self confidence and self esteem

Why should you visit our clinic?


The best way to get the results you want is with DNA testing for your weight loss.  You will be guided through the process by our skilled doctors.  We can be reached at any time to answer questions and will take your lifestyle and eating habits into account to help you maintain your weightloss even after the program is complete.  Call today for a free consult with one of our doctors to learn about our state of the art program.  Take your first step to a happier you and better life.  You will thank yourself!

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Tampa, FL | 2020 VIRTUAL EVENT! | the360spa

Tampa, FL | 2020 VIRTUAL EVENT! | the360spa

Tampa, FL | 2020 VIRTUAL EVENT! | the360spa

Medical Weight Loss FAQ

Does medical weight loss work?

We are able to specifically design a specialized weightloss program for you by incorporating our lab and genetic testing to determine how to achieve the best results possible for you.  We include HCG therapy and our physician- monitored plan to gain the best results possible for you.

Is medical weight loss safe?

Yes it is absolutely safe! Our medical weight loss program is both safe and effective because your progress and health are continuously monitored to ensure your safety.

How do HCG injections work?

Fat-reducing benefits of HCG injections include:

  • Curbing your appetite while boosting your energy

  • Improving your metabolic function while lowering your cholesterol

  • Regulating your hormone levels

  • Preserving your muscle mass

  • Burning your adipose (fat) tissue for increased energy

  • Providing weight loss whole-body

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